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Dark Red and Dark Green (Stem and Leaf)





Episode Eliminated

Revived Rivals

Apple is a female contestant in Object Universe, She is a recommended character that debuted in Inanimate Insanity. She was put on Team Extended and is the team captain of Team Extended. 

In Surprise Arrival, she debuted into the game beacuse Ice Cream forced her to run for her so that Ice Cream could win the challenge and ended up joining becuase Window decided that she was a good competitor. Window put her on a new team. The team was called Team Extended and she was the only member of Team Extended until Come and Go.

In The Last Rip, Apple was originally going to be eliminated but since Calculator threatened to sue Window, Lego was eliminated instead of Apple.

In Revived Rivals, she got only 35 votes in the rejoining contest placing her 11th overall.


  • She is one of the four contestants that competed in another Object Show. The others are Lego,Kite and Disco Ball 
  • She is the lowest ranking team captain of Object Universe.
  • This is because was the Runner Up of Object Universe and Basketball got more votes in the rejoining contest in Revived Rivals. And the ranks of the team captains.( Ice Cream: 2nd, Basketball: 7th and Apple: 11th). 
  • She debuted in both Inanimate Insanity and Object Universe.
  • Apple is one of two contestants that have appeared on Inanimate insanity,the other is Window


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