Asthma Inhaler
Asthma Inhailer
Asthma Inhaler as he appears in Object Twoniverse






Mario and Luigi Hats (Possibly)


Window, Rubik's Cube

Eliminated in

To catch a Kite

Voiced by




Asthma Inhaler, labeled The Allergic Reaction, is a contestant that is currently competing on Object Twoniverse. He is shown to be very allergic to lots of things, movement, a boat, the island, and is pretty scared to a lot of things as well. He is claustrophobic, meaning he is afraid of small spaces. 


Asthma Inhaler, like other contestants, has not yet made interactions with any of the season two contestants. His allergies hold him back a lot, and in the intro he is seen inside the boat, as being allergic to the sun (although he is allergic to the boat as well). Apparently, he doesn't have a protagonististic or antagonistic nature and seems a very neutral-person.
OT Asthma Inhaler

His body


  • He is revealed that he has the same disease as Butter and Badge: Who can see dead people.
  • Despite being allergic to boats, Asthma Inhaler is seen on a boat in both the old and new intros.
  • He's similiar to Tissue from Inanimate insanity with many things:
  • They are Males
  • They both have all Limbs
  • They both having same shade of Blue color
  • they both are sneezing

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