Atlas as he appears in Object Twoniverse

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Book (specifically an Atlas)



Atlas, labeled The Know-it-all, is a contestant on Object Twoniverse. He is a know-it-all and claims his intelligence will make him popular. He tried to debut but failed in Season 1.

Atlas's PersonalityEdit

Atlas is an intelligent male character, who seems friendly and protagonistic. His
181px-Atlas idle
eager curiosity and knowledge can make him an easy target for "bullies". He seems that he knows the way of it and can deal with characters like Mii U, though. Atlas actually has made interactions with only Mii U so far, showing dislike between those two, similiar to Basketball and Ice Cream's interactions in Season 1, except with Atlas being weaker and less mentally and physically stronger than Ice Cream.

Weird face staring with Mii U.

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