Disco Ball
Disco Ball (Fan Made)




Disco ball



"Well, I have a car for no apparent reason, how about we use it?"

Disco Ball is a female contestant that competed on Object Universe. She was one of the three to debut late in the game, along with Remote and USB. She is voiced by Anko6TheAnimator (the creator of Brawl Of The Objects). She was eliminated right after making it to the Final 3, because of a contestant vote due to her losing her legs, and Ice Cream and Map were good friends, wanting to be in the finale together. At elimination in Tumbling Trouble, a contestant vote left her out with 2 votes, while Map was safe with one, and Ice Cream with none.thumb|258px|link=File:Disco_Ball_(Fan_Made).pngthumb|262px|link=File:Disco_ball_idle.png
Disco Ball


  • She is very rude to Map.
  • She is the highest ranking debuter.
  • She has a car.
Dead disco ball

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