Ice Cream
Ice Cream-0
Voiced by: Samuel Thornbury (TeenChampion)



Episode Eliminated:

Never (Winner)/Episode 13


1st (formerly 2nd)


Map, Window, Bottle, Tennis Racket


Basketball, Cup, Evil Window, Balloon,


Ice Cream Cup

Ice Cream, labeled The Loner, is a female former contestant that competed on Object Universe. She made it to the Finale, and won in one of the three endings. She got the money at the end of two, with Cup getting the money in the other ending and she's only friends with map!.


  • Out of the original cast with original limbs, Ice Cream is the only one with arms and legs.
  • She is also the only female on the show with all limbs.
  • She is (possibly, USB might have one) the only contestant with an actual YouTube channel
  • She is the highest ranking female in Object Universe.
  • Ice Cream was the only member of Team Ice Cream to win the rejoin contest.
  • She is the highest ranking contestant on Team Ice Cream. 
  • She is the highest ranking team captain.
  • At first viewers thought she was mean but it was revealed that she was never mean and she had a sad backstory.
  • She was also a recommended character in BOTO.
  • she appeared on shape battle 3a