Mii U
Mii U as he appears in Object Twoniverse.






Icicle, Propeller Hat, USB


Atlas, Window, Badge, Kite


Wii U

Mii U, labeled the Compressed is a contestant currently competing on Object Twoniverse. He is very brash and rude, always criticises contestants and is a self-proclaimed jerk. He is a Wii U but oddly enough, his name is Mii U.

Mii U's PersonalityEdit

Mii U, as stated, is very brash and rude. As he comes onto the island, he states that he should win because he's a "big jerk". Of course, the voters are never popular with that. He has shown dislike to Atlas, who is a prime target for strong characters with antagonistic natures. He appears to have become more dislikeable than he was in his appearance in Object

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