Object Twoniverse - Episode 1 "Now with a B"-1

Object Twoniverse - Episode 1 "Now with a B"-1

Now with a B is the first episode of Object Twoniverse.


Window introduces the new island, and then the teams come, he announces it's a contestants vote show, and the prize isn't one-hundred thousand dollars, its ONE BILLION dollars! The challenge is Capture the Flag, but since everthing is on fire during the challenge, Window thinks they're all gonna die. The episode is left with a To Be Continued...


  • The title, 'Now with a B' is referencing the prize being one billion dollars.
  • The 'A billion dollars' is a reference to Jontron's review of Birdemic.
  • Both the scene with window talking about the prize and the clapping scene are from the movie Birdemic.
  • Rubik's Cube's speech is a reference to the Frasier episode 'High Crane Drifter'.
  • The team Team 8 is a reference to O.U. episode 8, where the contestants from Team 8 were introduced in episode 8.


  • In the scene where Window introduces Kite, Kite suddently appears behind Window.
  • In the scene where Whistle is showing his distaste in the robot, Globe is walking but not moving.
  • When Window is discussing the prize, Icicle is randomly floating in midair.
  • When Badge is introduced, his first line is off sync with his mouth.


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