Tennis Racket
ACWAGT Tennis Racket Pose
Tennis Racket's Idle


Tennis Racket


Object Universe


Ice Cream



Episode Eliminated:

Afraid of Heights




16th (last)

ACWAGT Tennis Racket Pose
Tennis racket body
Tennis Racket armless
Tennis Racket is a female contestant of Object Universe. She was on Team Ice Cream .

Blast From SpaceEdit

Tennis Racket is seen annoyed by TV, and is quickly eliminated in the bar challenge. Team Ice Cream is up for elimination due to Ice Cream's failure in the challenge.

Afraid of HeightsEdit

At elimination, Tennis Racket is eliminated with 23 votes, almost double the amount of Baseball's votes (who got 12). That was nearly half of the total votes (which was 56).

Revived RivalsEdit

In the rejoining contest, Tennis Racket only recieved 46 votes which wasn't enough to rejoin.


  • She's the lowest ranking member of Team Ice Cream.
  • She's the lowest ranking female in Season 1.

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