• ZimFan

    Between USB, Mii U, Atlas, Icicle, Propeller Hat, Butter, Shield, Tetris Block, Kite, Rocket, Whistle, Globe, Asthma Inhaler, Rubik's Cube, and the Hats' Bros, I have a prediction. :D

    Challenge 1's Prediction:

    Losing Team: Team Recommended
    Eliminated: Butter
    Reason: Butter is too developed in the ghosts that he can't focus on challenges, and along with pushover Kite, Team Recommended loses the challenge. Against Kite, Butter ends up losing in the votes, as their team thinks he's the worse of the two, therefore he is eliminated.

    Challenge 2's Prediction:

    Losing Team: Team 8
    Eliminated: Icicle
    Reason: When their team loses, all of them besides Icicle have mobility and the ability to help their team to develop. Because of this giant handicap, Icicle…

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