Whistle as he appears in Object Twoniverse





Whistle, labeled The Cadet, is a contestant that is currently competing on Object Twoniverse. He likes to act, and often has him efforts shrunk by him confidence.

Whistle's PersonalityEdit

Whistle has a good personality. Again, he has made no contact with characters other than Window. He appears to try to have a cadet-type personality, being suitable to him being a whistle, as an attraction of attention, and also he likes to lead his team! He dislikes those who betray their teams even if they aren't on him team, hinted as he voted for Butter when he burned the base in Drop the Base.


  • Whistle is one of the three non-showed contestants to have been revealed before the season began, the others being Mario & Luigi Hats and Kite .
  • Whistle is Object of the month in December 2013.
OT Whistle

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